The First California Adaptation Forum AUG 19-20 – Prepare Yourself and Your Community for Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us. Communities small and large, near and far, will feel its impact in the coming decades. It’ll take strong collaborative effort to prepare and adapt.

In search of such a collaborative consortium? Come to the California Adaptation Forum this August 19 and 20 to join with stakeholders and organizers from around the state who are all preparing to adapt to the changing climate. Whatever your interest or skill level, there will be opportunities to learn with and from prominent activists and practitioners, and interact with people working to prepare for and adapt to climate change, in efforts to protect our collective and individual public health, our state, our economy, and our futures.

Of particular interest to followers of this blog might be two breakout sessions related to transportation: The first, at 10:30am on Tuesday August 19 (Finding Common Ground: Integrating Nature, Infrastructure and People into Sea-Level Rise Planning), and the second, at 1:30pm on Tuesday August 19 (Planning for Climate Change Impacts: A Transportation Perspective). And these are just two of over 35 individual breakout sessions over the 2 day forum. Given that our transportation system and the way we get around our state accounts for more than 35% of our collective carbon footprint, our sector is pivotal to meeting our carbon emission reduction goals. These sessions, among others, are sure to be informative and engaging.

In addition to the formal program, there are also a host of tours, workshops, and activities planned, such as a visit to the California Delta, the lynchpin of California’s water supply.

If you’re keen to learn more about how you and your community can prepare for a changing climate, please consider attending the California Adaptation Forum!

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“It’s time for courage, it’s time for creativity and it’s time for boldness to tackle climate change.”

-Governor Jerry Brown

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