Secretary Kelly Issues Statement on Caltrans “Intelligent Transportation Society of America” Awards

SACRAMENTO—California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly issued the following statement after the Intelligent Transportation Society of America awarded the California Department of Transportation with its top honor in the categories of New Innovative Product or Service and Best New Innovative Practice.

“The California Department of Transportation has implemented multiple reforms to improve its operation and more effectively deliver a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system for all Californians,” said California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly. “This award honors the California Department of Transportation for taking an innovative approach to strengthening California’s existing transportation system and improving trade and goods movement along key freight corridors.”

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) awarded the Cordelia Truck Scales Modernization Project with one of its 2014 Best of ITS Awards in the category of best new innovative product, service or application. The project involved the modernization of the busiest commercial vehicle inspection station in the United States. In 2012, more than 2.4 million trucks traveled through the old facility and more than 40,000 inspections were performed by the California Highway Patrol.

The new facility’s inspection bays help California Highway Patrol inspectors examine commercial trucks and identify high-risk vehicles without reducing the free-flow of traffic on Interstate 80. With nearly 10,000 trucks travelling from the Port of Oakland along I-80 to Northern California and beyond, in addition to truck traffic from other points in the Bay Area, California needed a new station that could handle the growing demand along this key trade corridor.

The Cordelia Truck Scale is one of the busiest commercial vehicle inspection stations in the United States.* The old eastbound Cordelia Truck Scales, built in 1958, contributed significantly to the congestion on I-80 due to the lack of automation tools. The modernization of the Cordelia truck scales benefits all travelers on I-80 by reducing congestion and improving safety, and enabling the California Highway Patrol to conduct safety inspections in a more efficient manner.

The $97 million project was completed with support from the California Highway Patrol, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Solano Transportation Authority, and California Transportation Commission. Funding sources included the Proposition 1B Trade Corridor Improvement Fund Program and Bay Area Toll Authority bridge tolls.

Caltrans also received an award for its “One-Stop-Shop” web application that improves traveler safety by offering real-time travel data for planning trips in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. The application provides current weather and traffic information along with traffic cameras, road information, rest stops and points of interest. To access OSS please visit:

The awards were announced this week during the ITS America awards ceremony at the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in Detroit. The highly competitive Best of ITS Awards recognize projects that demonstrate specific and measureable outcomes and exemplified innovation.

For more information about the project, visit the Caltrans website

*NOTE: Article has been updated to clarify that the Cordelia scales are the busiest in the country based on east bound and west bound inspections, but the fourth busiest when considering only the modernized eastbound station.