Agency and CHP Commend Homer Bosserman, 100 Year-Old Volunteer

Group Photo
Dignitaries with Mr. Bosserman (center)

Monday of this week, Commissioner Joe Farrow of the California Highway Patrol, Secretary Brian Kelly of the California State Transportation Agency, and other dignitaries commemorated Homer Bosserman’s 100th birthday at CHP Headquarters in Sacramento.

Described as a “marvel” by Mr. Ortiz of the Sacramento Bee, Homer Bosserman has been a Senior Volunteer with the CHP since 2000, helping CHP’s Monterey office of the Coastal Division with their day to day work.

But more than just his helping hands, his indefatigable attitude and humor, according to many in the room, made him all the more a valuable member of the team. And with the room frequently lit with laughter and smiles from his quips and warmth, it was easy to see why.

His stalwart service in his retirement years is not the first time Mr. Bosserman has served his community. Before entering the automobile industry, Mr. Bosserman also served in the Pacific theater with the US Marine Corps in World War II.

Many people in the room, including some of the other 800 senior volunteers who help the CHP around the state, lauded and applauded him for his efforts.

Commissioner bestows the Medal of Distinction
Commissioner bestows the Medal of Distinction

Commissioner Joe Farrow said the CHP had recently made a medal exactly for such commendable individuals—the Commissioner’s Medal of Distinction. Mr. Bosserman is only the third recipient of such an award.

Secretary Brian Kelly delivered and read a letter from Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. congratulating Mr. Bosserman for reaching the 100 year milestone, and for his time and effort spent serving his community. He reflected that his own mere twenty years in public service paled in comparison to Mr. Bosserman’s service record. Below is a video of some of the Secretary’s remarks:

Mr. Bosserman was very grateful for the plaudits. Below is one of his many heartfelt thank yous delivered to the audience:

The Sacramento Bee has posted the below video of some of the event as well, including some of the commissioner’s remarks:

You can read the Bee’s piece in total here: