Agency Provides Updated Draft Guidelines for the Intercity Rail and Transit Capital Program

As announced on December 4th, the Transportation Agency is soliciting feedback on draft guidelines for two new programs, the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program and the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program. These new cap-and-trade-funded programs will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve mobility.

The guidelines for the Capital Program have been updated since their initial posting on December 4th.

The Updated Draft Guidelines for the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program can be found here.

These draft guidelines officially start a statutorily required process. After these guidelines have been available for 30 days, two public workshops will be held to solicit more feedback.

In the meantime, before those public workshops, please feel free to comment on these updated draft guidelines by e-mail.

Comments can be submitted to tircpcomments [at] [dot] gov.

The details for the public workshop are to be determined and will be noticed prominently here on this website.

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