Agency Releases Guidelines for the Transit & Intercity Rail Capital Program

The California State Transportation Agency is pleased to publish the 2015 Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Guidelines. Please click here to see those guidelines.

Next week more information will be posted at about how to apply for the grants, including an official call for projects.

This program will provide grants to fund capital improvements and operational investments that will modernize California’s transit systems and intercity, commuter, and urban rail systems to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by reducing vehicle miles traveled throughout California. The guidelines were developed in consultation with the Air Resources Board, the California Transportation Commission, the Department of Finance, the Department of Transportation, and the Strategic Growth Council, and informed by input received at workshops and meetings throughout the state.

Key changes from the draft guidelines published on December 19 are:

  • In the first programming cycle, allow eligible applicants operating multiple transit or rail modes (local bus, bus rapid transit, commuter bus, light rail, streetcar, heavy rail, commuter rail, or intercity rail including related feeder buses) to submit up to one project application per mode. (Section 7)
  • Clarify that the Air Resources Board guidance on the quantification of greenhouse gas reductions will be published with the program application form. (Section 9.1)
  • Revised the definition of committed funds for projects seeking federal discretionary funds such as New Starts or Small Starts. (Section 11)
  • For the procurement of rolling stock, allow the exercising of an option or the certification of funds for contract elements as meeting the milestone for contract award provided that the agency is under no contractual obligation to pay any funds or penalty if the option is not exercised or the funds not certified. (Section 12)

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Deputy Secretary for Transportation Chad Edison at (916) 323-5400 or tircpcomments [at] [dot] gov.