Technological Innovations Saving You Time at the DMV

Yesterday, TechWire ran a story about the successful launch of the iBook version of the 2015 California Driver Handbook for the Apple iPad tablet and Mac computers. The California Department of Motor Vehicles released the useful electronic handbook that helps applicants study for the DMV driver license exam and brush up on California’s rules of the road.

By providing the handbook in a digital form, the DMV has added instructional videos, interactive and dynamic diagrams, and instant feedback quizzes, all of which help aspiring California drivers better prepare for their written test. You can read more about the release of the iBook version of the handbook here, view a demonstration video here and download a copy of the iBook here.

Nearly 4,000 copies of the iBook version of the handbook have already been downloaded since its launch on February 27, 2015 just two weeks ago. The DMV released the 2015 iBook Driver Handbook in English and Spanish. This popularity has already surpassed the 2013 iBook version, which was only downloaded 3,600 times, according to the DMV.

This iBook, as well as the print version of the DMV Driver Handbook, commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the California DMV.

The DMV iBook driver handbook isn’t the only example of DMV’s commitment to technology and innovation. Here are a few other examples of how the DMV continues to innovate to improve customer service:

  • TouchScreen Terminals for Taking the Written Test: This method of test taking is not the only one, but is predominantly used at over 153 of 174 DMV offices and processing centers. It saves time for DMV and customers.
  • Self-Service Terminals for Renewing Vehicle Registration: At 50 offices, customers can go straight to a Self-Service Terminal to complete their vehicle registration renewal. To date, these terminals have helped complete over 3 million renewals—that’s 3 million transactions that didn’t have to wait in line to be completed. Self-Service Terminals allow you to complete your registration renewal or file for Planned Non-Operation (PNO) Status without waiting in line. Multiple payment methods are offered and a registration card and sticker or PNO Acknowledgement are printed at the terminal after the completion of your transaction.
  • Online Options for Many Transactions: Since 1996 DMV has been serving the motoring public through the internet. Today, customers can complete a wide variety of transactions–vehicle registration renewals, address changes, reporting the sale of a vehicle, a driver or vehicle record request, or even a drivers license renewal—without ever setting foot in a DMV office. Please click here to see the online services DMV offers.
  • Snail Mail and Phone Calls Too: Of course, sometimes the easiest thing is to lick a stamp or pick up the phone. If you’re not online, or unable to get to a DMV office, you can still submit vehicle registration renewals and some license renewals by traditional mail or calling 1 (800) 777-0133.

All these innovations, whether it’s a new interactive learning tool for preparing for your written test, or easy and convenient ways to do business without having to visit the DMV, help improve customer service and save time. Stay tuned for even more innovations on the horizon, as DMV is always looking for new and better ways to help serve.

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