More than Cars and Highways: News Flash Highlights Caltrans’ Focus on Active Transportation

Today, Caltrans HQ put out a News Flash about the benefits their community is seeing from the Active Transportation Program. The video helps communicate to the public the evolution of the department to better appreciate and accommodate all mode choices for people on the move around California.

In addition to the general focus on active transportation, the video specifically discusses improvements to the Watt Avenue and Highway 50 interchange. You can see the location of the interchange here.

You can see the News Flash below:

This video is an example of the massive reform effort Caltrans is undertaking, called the Caltrans Improvement Project, through which the department is modernizing and becoming a more efficient, sustainable, transparent and accountable organization. Here are some key achievements that have come from this ongoing reform effort:

Additionally, this week Transportation Agency Deputy Secretary Kate White testified before a state legislative committee about the importance of active transportation modes. Melanie Curry with Streetsblog wrote about her testimony:

CalSTA… [and Caltrans are] committed to improving conditions for transit, biking, and walking, according to its Deputy Secretary for Environmental Policy and Housing, Kate White.

“Thirty percent of all trips in California are less than a mile,” said White, testifying at a legislative hearing yesterday in Sacramento. “We want to make bicycling or walking the default for those short trips.”

For a transportation system to be sustainable and more environmentally friendly, moving around the state has to be about supporting modes other than personal motor vehicles.

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