Active Transportation Program Call for Projects Now Open

SACRAMENTO – The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) is excited to announce that project applications for the Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 3 are now being accepted. Approximately $240 million in state and federal funding is available for projects that encourage the use of active modes of transportation, like biking and walking.

In March, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved the final 2017 ATP guidelines. Applicants can apply for the funding through the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The application period closes June 15.

The ATP was created in September 2013 with the signing of Senate Bill 99 (Chapter 359, Statutes of 2013) and Assembly Bill 101 (Chapter 354, Statutes of 2013) by Governor Brown. The ATP consolidated a number of federal and state transportation programs into a single program with a focus on making California a leader in active transportation.

In 2015, the ATP provided approximately $215 million in funds for 114 Statewide and Small Urban and Rural program projects. An estimated 88 percent of the funding directly benefits disadvantaged communities. An additional $143 million in ATP funds went to 93 Metropolitan Planning Organization projects.

A few of the projects selected during the last cycle include:

• Approx. $1.5 million for Safe Routes to Schools safety improvements and a community outreach program for kindergarten through eighth grade in Humboldt County, California.
• Approx. $600,000 for a pedestrian connection project at Rio Vista Elementary School in Contra Costa County.
• Approx. $400,000 for the development of an Active Transportation Plan in the greater downtown district of the city of Stockton.
• Approx. $400,000 for the Pico Rivera Regional Bikeway Project in L.A.

For more information, including guidelines to apply and eligibility requirements, visit For more information on projects funded in Cycle 2, visit