Kate White talks greenhouse gas emission solutions on KKUP’s Bike Life Radio

Our Deputy Secretary Kate White joined Diane Solomon on Bike Life Radio to talk about the Silicon Valley Bike Summit and critical transportation issues facing our state.

On California’s commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions in transportation:

“We’re looking for every opportunity to de-carbonize transportation in California so that’s cars and trucks. But even more importantly, we have to enhance transportation options and decrease demand for driving. We need more and more people to have safe, convenient, and affordable ways to take transit, to walk and bike to wherever they need to go.”

How cap and trade dollars are funding projects that lower emissions, increase transit options, and build more affordable housing:

“We have the most extensive cap and trade program where we’re actually capping the emissions of most sectors that emit greenhouse gas emissions and if they emit more than that, then they basically have to buy carbon credits. And those credits, the auctions for those credits go into a fund, it’s called the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. And every dollar that goes into that, and now it’s billions of dollars a year, must be spent on projects that reduce emissions.”

“You’re starting to see some real results, more transit operations dollars, more transit capital. High Speed Rail is under construction, underway, because of these dollars. As you know, the first leg is going to be from Central Valley to Diridon Station in San Jose. We’re also investing in affordable housing projects around the state that are adjacent to transit so that the residents have not only affordable housing but also affordable transportation so they don’t have to own so many cars. Maybe they don’t even need to own a car. “

Find out more about the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and the projects being funded here: http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/capandtrade/auctionproceeds/ggrfprogrampage.htm