BCDC greenlights permits for next round of Bay Bridge pier demolition

Last Thursday, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission granted Caltrans permits to implode two piers of the Bay Bridge’s old east span in October. The project uses controlled explosives to demolish fifteen pier foundations of the old east span. As part of the permitting process, BCDC also granted permits for the implosions of Piers E6-18 which are scheduled to occur in 2017 and 2018.

This year’s implosion will occur over two weekends in October during slack tide, Caltrans will be publicizing the implosion dates shortly. For the first two piers, the debris would fall into its hallow casing below the mudline of the Bay Bridge. Like the previous implosion of Pier E3, a blast attenuation system (bubble curtain) will be used to cut down noise and sound pressure waves from the explosive charges. Caltrans will continue to work with environmental and biological experts to monitor the area preceding, during, and after the blast to ensure no protected species is harmed.

Watch the video simulation for Pier E5 here: https://vimeo.com/179255514/790e4a57f3

This follows the successful implosion of Pier E3 in which the largest pier was demolished in just six seconds. Watch the implosion of Pier E3 here:

Each implosion is a coordinated effort to ensure limited environmental impact on the Bay and wildlife. Caltrans produced a news flash detailing the efforts of staff to limit that impact: